Eastman Leather Jacket Horsehide Shearling B-3 .50 Cal Special Edition SZ 44
Eastman Leather Jacket Horsehide Shearling B-3 .50 Cal Special Edition SZ 44

Eastman Leather Jacket Horsehide Shearling B-3 .50 Cal Special Edition SZ 44

$ 1,250.00

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Measurements: Size 44

Chest: 25"

Shoulder  width:21.5"

Arm Length:25.5"

Back Length: 25.5"


EASTMAN USAAF B-3 Flying Jacket .50 Cal

Eastman USAAF B-3 Flying Jacket .50 CAL

This B-3 Flight Jacket will appeal to those who are looking for that rugged-grain, tough, vintage look in a jacket so as to not being so out-of-the-box new in appearance. The secret to this B-3 Flight Jacket’s rugged, less-than-new look is the hide type employed and the special .50-CAL treatment. The .50 CAL B-3 Flight Jacket is manufactured from specially selected, old-fashioned, veg-tanned, broken-grain sheepskin in dark brown. Plus, they have had the .50-CAL treatment!

The .50-CAL process is another of our specially developed treatments to give a new jacket a patina of initial wear that combines breaking-in with scuffing, creating a well-aged, well-worn look. Please click the link for larger, detailed images on this web site to see just how good this leather looks after the .50-CAL treatment. This process is performed entirely by hand and no two jackets will ever be exactly alike; as you can imagine, the .50-CAL treatment takes hours of labor and a keen master’s eye to achieve. Once the hide is broken-in using our special treatment, the jacket is placed on a body form where it rests to take its shape; after several hours drying time, it is then worked on to subtly burnish the high spots to a beautiful glazed glow.

Please keep in mind - the jacket is still brand new and not in any way worn or damaged, but you get a new B-3 Flight Jacket that has a vintage, mildly lived-in patina that will continue to look better the more you personalize the jacket through use. This B-3 Flight Jacket just looks very cool the first time you step out your door, without the just-out-of-the-box look. It’s truly a unique B-3 Flight Jacket that’s quite different from our other sheepskin flight jacket offerings.

The .50 CAL B-3 Flight Jacket still has all of the little important details that help make it a masterpiece of authenticity – details synonymous with the pedigree of historical accuracy found in the goods we offer: Our special broken-grain, vegetable-tanned, North American sheepskin that is hand dyed, and it is fitted with our famous reproduction of the 1941 model Crown zipper, which perfectly completes the circle of authenticity in this product. And the .50 CAL B-3 Flight Jacket represents a spec. that saw the transition from the earlier 'Redskin' jackets to the later dark brown types: The back-panel configuration is that of the pre-war design (similar to our Rough Wear Clo. Co. model), while the outer color and finish is a hand-dyed dark brown. The color of the fleece is also typical of a transitional model, in that it has a distinct brownish tinge compared to the much brighter off-white shade of the later models.

This is a tough-looking jacket with a tough name …